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To access our facilities, registration at the reception desk is mandatory, as well as acceptance of these rules, as well as the exemption from liability for injuries and accidents produced as a result of climbing sports. GeoBoulder is not responsible for damages, injuries or accidents that may occur to users for sports practice.

Minors may use the Rocòdromo with the authorization and exemption of responsibilities from their parents or legal representatives. They must always climb accompanied by the responsible adult, up to 13 years old.

Smoking, eating and introducing glass containers, as well as alcoholic beverages, are prohibited. Anyone showing any signs of alcohol or drug intoxication will be prohibited from entering.

It is not allowed to enter our facilities with a naked torso.

GeoBoulder reserves to limit or prevent the right of admission to the facilities for reasons of security or inappropriate behavior.

Voluntary reservation and use of this facility imply acceptance of all the rules listed here.



Facilities maintenance and hygiene

The athlete who makes use of these facilities must take care of the proper use of them, keep them clean and respect other users. Sports equipment, furniture, as well as all the facilities will be respected and cared for.

Users, during the period of use of the facilities, will be responsible for any damage or anomalies caused by their negligent or improper use of the facilities.

The garbage produced will be deposited in the appropriate containers and not abandoned in the enclosure.

The minimum possible magnesium powder will be used so as not to deteriorate the adherence of the dams as well as to keep the environment free of magnesium powder. The use of liquid magnesium is recommended.



Indoor climbing is a sport that contains certain risks of accident that the user agrees to be aware of. Every climber must have signed an informed consent by which the climber is aware of the risks involved in the practice of indoor climbing.

The fundamental use will be sports practice in the different disciplines or modalities of the room. The practice of any other activity must be authorized by GeoBoulder staff.

It is strictly forbidden to move the dams from their location, any defect in this regard must be communicated to the staff of the facility.

Users are obliged to immediately notify the facility staff of any deterioration or defect of the climbing wall for their study and repair if necessary.

Geoboulder staff will be in charge of ensuring compliance with the established rules, being at the same time responsible for their compliance. In the case of schools, groups of activities, the person who directs the activity will be in charge of ensuring compliance with the above.



Trainings and activities

Only GeoBoulder staff or persons authorized by GeoBoulder can conduct training classes. You can not carry out any professional activity of companies or freelancers as well as any non-profit or profit-making organization that has not been authorized.

The students of the training plans, activities, courses, etc., have priority over the routes before users who are using the climbing wall on their own.

The companions, even if they are not going to use the climbing wall or collaborate with the athlete, must also identify themselves and request access permission at the facilities control. A companion may not in any case collaborate in the belaying of the climber.




Climbing or accessing the mattress area with the same footwear that is worn from the street is prohibited. Preferably use climbing shoes.

The user must always be aware of the fall of other users who are above him either on the wall or on the mattress. This space must remain free of backpacks or other objects that are not essential for the development of the climbing or the development of the activity.

Climbing under or on the vertical of another climber is prohibited.


The lower part of the climbing wall must remain clean of climbing equipment and any other material or personal equipment that could endanger a climber in his fall.


The minimum possible magnesium powder will be used so as not to deteriorate the adherence of the dams as well as to keep the environment free of magnesium powder. The use of liquid magnesium is recommended.




All the material used must comply with safety regulations, being mandatory in the case of climbing routes: climbing rope, climbing harness, carabiners, brake system, climbing shoes and helmet.

Only approved material in good condition may be used and under the supervision of GeoBoulder personnel.

The insurance lines and assembly and pick-up points are designed to avoid the consequences of an accidental fall. The use of all security points is mandatory without avoiding any of them.

The meetings of two security points will always be used, which must be linked to each other to the climber, and which will be used to pick up the hook after ascending the route first.

It is not possible to carry out maneuvers at height, such as assembly of meetings, rappels, safe drops, etc. unless expressly authorized by Geoboulder.

The belaying will always be carried out by means of an automatic self-locking device type "Grigri" or similar. The belaying by means of a "Eight" or "basket" type descender will be prohibited, except for previously authorized courses. Check that the weight ratio between climber and belayer is balanced; otherwise, the lower anchors installed for this purpose must be provided and / or used.

Rapid descent of the climber is prohibited.

Climbing under or on the vertical of another climber is prohibited.


It is not allowed to hold on to any metallic element of the structure.



Acrobatic fabrics

All activities are carried out in a framework of personal care and security in the elements.


I declare that it pleases me that the physical activity that I carry out is of risk and such implies being davant of physical risks, which suppose circus activities. Hereby compose the necessary technical techniques to resolve the situations that you need to present.


If not, I declare that I will practice teles acrobatic sota supervised by a monitor.


I have this information for GeoBoulder that it is forbidden the use of stupefying substances to the room, as well as about the convenience and the way to contract the insurance of accidents.

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